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Iceland, Here We Come!  

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The Land of Fire and Ice 

Awaken Your Inner Viking!

September 13th - 19th

Plans are underway for this exciting retreat!

The group size will be small, between 10 - 15 people, so act fast to reserve your spot!

A Tentative itinerary is below.

Iceland September 13th - 19th 2023

Visiting The Land of Fire and Ice

**This retreat is now full. Thank you so much for your interest!!



Five nights in Iceland September 14th— 19th

Trip includes:

* Accommodations

* Professional Tour Guide with Sightseeing Van

* Entrance fees to Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon.

* Morning breakfast

* Gatherings/ meditations, preparing for the day’s adventures.

* Evening sharing circles.

* “Marilyn work, Dale Wisdoms.”


· South Iceland is more romantic, with elegant waterfalls, lagoons, icebergs…

· North Iceland is more impressive with a post-apocalyptic feel: geothermal fields, craters, lava, canyons...


September 13th– Travel day arrive in Reykjavik, Iceland on the 14th.

September 14th– Landing day                                     Our guide will pick us up at the airport and whisk us off to adventures, including  Gunnuhver hot spring (said to be one of the most haunted places in the world… :) ), Reykjanes lighthouse, Brimketill, Bridge between two continents.   

10.00  AM Blue lagoon visit for 3 hours. Depart the Blue Lagoon at 1 pm and head into Grindavik (pop. 3500) for lunch.

2 pm, head to Reykjavik, stop at a grocery store, and then an orientation tour of Reykjavik. Drop off in Reykjavik hotel around 4.30 pm. 


The entrance fee to The Blue Lagoon is covered. Prepare to relax and meld with and in the energy from this amazing location and healing waters which are world-renowned

Your Premium Blue Lagoon package includes an Entrance fee, a Silica mud mask, Two additional masks of your choice, the Use of a towel, 1st drink of your choice, Use of a bathrobe.

September 15th -Golden Circle route to see Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area. Lunch at Fridheimar tomato greenhouse restaurant. The guests pay on-site for what they eat & drink. Thingvellir, Gullfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geiser, and Laugarvatin Spa,                  

                  Awakening Your Inner Viking! 

“Thingvellir is the spiritual and symbolic heart of Iceland. You can feel that it’s a place of power when you're there.”                                                                                                                                                   This is where representatives of all the tribes of Iceland began meeting once a year, beginning around 930. The yearly assembly continued until 1798. In 1944, the nation gathered at Thingvellir to celebrate Iceland’s independence from Denmark. Imagine this… meditating on the site where Vikings gathered. Here, among other things, we will call for any past life information and connection. The Thingvellir site is also significant for its geology, for it sits on the fault line between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Known as The Continental Divide. You can have one foot in the US and one foot in Europe. Can I hear “picture moment?!”


Gullfoss Waterfall-The water in Hvítá River travels from the glacier Langjökull before cascading 32 meters (105 feet) down Gullfoss’ two stages in a dramatic display of nature’s raw power. This incredible site is seen by most visitors, as it is on the Golden Circle sightseeing route.

Because of the waterfall’s two stages, Gullfoss should be considered two separate features. The first, shorter cascade is 11  meters tall (36 feet), whilst the second drop is 21 meters (69 feet). The canyon walls on both sides of the waterfall reach heights of up to 70 meters (230 feet), descending into the great Gullfossgjúfur Canyon.             Geologists believe this canyon was formed by glacial outbursts at the beginning of the last age.

Strokkur Geiser, located in Haukadalur Valley- Strokkur is Iceland’s most visited active geyser. Active geysers like Strokkur are rare worldwide because many conditions must be met for them to form. They are thus only found in certain parts of highly geothermal areas. Strokkur is found in the Geysir Geothermal Area, titled after the Great Geysir, which lent its name to all others worldwide. It is the greatest active geyser on site; Geysir is in a period of inactivity. Strokkur erupts more regularly than Geysir ever did, blasting water to heights of around fifteen to twenty meters every five to ten minutes, although it is known to reach up to forty meters. 


September 16thSouth coast of Iceland. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Vik, Seljalandsfoss  and Skogafoss Waterfall

Reynisfjara- The most beautiful black sand beach in the world is located in Iceland, and it is called 'Reynisfjara' in Icelandic. Be

careful of the tidal waves, but check out the cave on the beach carved out by the ocean waves.

A black sand beach cannot be found in many places on Earth. The pitch-black sand strikes a perfect contrast against the white foam of the waves and the blue water. The most beautiful black sand beach is located in Iceland - and this is not just our personal opinion. Many world-renowned magazines such as National Geographic or the Condé Nast Traveller have listed this extraordinary place among the most beautiful beaches on the planet!

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall-the waterfall does not look like much from the front, but once you walk behind it, it reveals its magical beauty. I loved it!

Skogafoss Waterfall-the 60m waterfall is quite impressive with this straight curtain-like drop. You can get close by walking to the platform (500 steps)


September 17th- A full day in the capital city of Reykjavik. You are on your own to explore, snoop, shop, eat, and absorb.


September 18th– Snaefellsness Penisula- Borgarnes town, Ytri-Tunga beach where we may see seals, the black church at Budir, Arnarstapi settlement and coastal walk 30 minutes, Djupalonssandur pebble beach, Kirkjufell mountain, and waterfall. Visit Helgafell and hike to the top of the hill. Return to Reykjavik. Visit the Sky Lagoon at 8.30 pm (the last slot of the day - we can stay for 2 hours) 

Snaefellsness is known as “Iceland in miniature” because many of the geological and landscape features that make Iceland famous are gathered here on a smaller scale:

The Snæfellsnes glacier lies atop what is widely regarded as the most beautiful mountain in Iceland (as with many of the peaks in Iceland, a volcano simmers beneath the ice).

In the Icelandic histories known as the Sagas, Snæfellsnes was identified as an opening to the underworld. This tradition inspired Jules Verne to write his novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Mary’s Well lies at the base of Snæfellsnes.

Helgafell, located on the north coast of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, is a low-lying mountain also mentioned in the Sagas. In ancient times it was a pilgrimage place, particularly for those nearing death, for it was believed to be an entry point into the afterlife. It was said that from its peak, one could sometimes see Valhalla, the paradise of warriors. Today people climb it in hopes of being granted three wishes, provided they follow these rules: As they ascend, they cannot look back. They must walk in silence. And they can never reveal to others what their wishes are. We will do this!

A night trip to the new Sky Lagoon. Soaking in the healing water, staring at the stars, and hopefully the aurora borealis.

What a perfect way to wrap up our week of adventures!!! 

September 19th– Depart this wildly intense country.


We will walk on lava, we will touch glaciers, both of which are millions of years old, and we will experience the renowned mineral waters, soak in the sites, smells, tastes, and energies, stir up our Viking ancestry, laugh, lounge, learn, and have the time of our lives.  We sure hope that you will join us!

We will, of course, at all times, keep our eyes out for John Snow...swoon… ooopppssss….just kidding, Dale!

There is a  large percentage of Icelandic people who believe in Elves. This is a tradition passed down for years. There are even places where you can stop and give offerings of food to the Elves. This will be fun!

Price: $2,485.00

Price includes:


Private tour van and hand-selected tour guide

Admission to Blue Lagoon and Sky Lagoon


Coaching and meditations with Marilyn and Dale!

This trip is truly slated to be a life-enhancing experience!


*A special group rate has been obtained for round-trip airline tickets.

We will be a small group retreat- between 10 and 15

people maximum. Act fast.                                                                              

Reserve your spot today!

Space is limited. To reserve your sport


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