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Jana P.

"Marilyn and Dale have thoughtfully curated an opportunity and space - in one of the world’s most energetic and spiritual hot spots - for those on a journey to creating their life’s desire to supercharge our intentions through very simple tools and insights that have incredible power. I’d recommend this retreat to others on a journey towards personal growth and transformation for the powerful tools and unique experiences - from the mineral pools to the evolution blocks."


Darlene T.

"I can't wait to attend every year. From day one, you are welcomed with thoughtful messages and gifts. Marilyn and Dale make sure to spend quality time w everyone. Even after the retreat, I'm still practicing the tools they provided me. Great food, life changing learning and  everything is grounded in love. Throughout the retreat you do the work! It's kinda like a car tune up, this will be my life tune up. If you are reading this, then please know that you are destined to attend. You will not only enjoy yourself but leave feeling stronger."


Cara L.

"The retreat is a way to grow yourself in ways that sometimes you do not even realize you want to grow or are aware of... progress towards a much more satisfying life is a big part of it for me and the benefits continue to surface well beyond the retreat”.


Dawn K.

"This was the most powerful retreat I have ever been to. Not only were the locations beautiful, but the tools that were taught changed me on a soul level. I could feel myself growing, releasing, and gaining deeper understanding of myself. There were so many incredible conversations, connections, and moments of pure magic with the other people at the retreat, and lifelong friendships were formed. I am so grateful I gave myself permission to come to this retreat, and I can't wait for the next one and more in the future." 


Joanne S.

"The retreat turned out more amazing than I even saw it to be last year. The comradery between the attendees was huge. I thought going to the locations that are internationally recognized would be cool, but adding in all, the laughter, growth, and support truly are amazing! The Integratron is a place where not only individuals like us can grow from, but companies like Nike take their leadership teams. It's a pretty big deal."


Mario W.

“My endorsement is to stop thinking about it and go - I have been to many corporate retreats but this was my first experience in a mind & body type of retreat - I came not knowing what to expect and I left absolutely blown away. Dale and Marilyn’s teachings (Evolution blocks) were awesome, the energy sites were powerful. And I left revitalized and, with tools for a better life"

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