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September 16th - 18th, 2022

Mt. Shasta, CA

Enjoy the beauty and vibrance of Mt. Shasta, one of the most famous energetic sites in the world while we balance and heal the feminine energies within us, and

help heal the planet as we do. 

  • 3 Days of inspired enrichment dedicated to expanding the feminine energy within, which will, in turn, expand without. 

  • Tap into the uniquely Shasta energy and vortexes to support your growth.

  • Enrichment meditations to balance your feminine energies.

  • Techniques for aiding in the release of programs and roles that have hindered full female strength and appreciation. 

  • Learn to allow your body to freely embrace your feminine energy. Dawn Krapfel will lead you through an intuitive dance healing designed to ignite all your senses, get you “into your body”, release your trapped & repressed emotions, and reconnect with the rhythm of your soul and the cosmic energy flowing through you. Through music and guided visualizations, you’ll reawaken, balance, and heal the Divine Feminine within, and transform your connection to yourself. 

  • Travel to a Divinely-Charged Retreat Center to do “our work.” 

  • Explore a location dedicated to charging and enriching one’s soul, featuring Quan Yin statues and Mother Mary dedication. 

  • Plus, Certified Dream Teacher, Shawnita Zimmer will share her knowledge on Saturday evening!

This is gearing up to be an experience of a lifetime!


We will gather for approx. 4-5 hours each day as well as one evening for Dreamwork. During your “off-time” you can explore, hike, shop, sleep, swim...and advance further with the daily assignments/homework.

Cost: $325

(Price does not include food or lodging)

*Due to the nature of this retreat, credits and refunds are not offered.

Space is limited. To reserve your sport

RSVP marilynlawrence257@gmail.com