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WZMR- Women's Zen Mountain Retreat-            June 27th - June 30th, 2024

Mt. Shasta/McCloud, CA 

WZT&SR- Women's Zen Tree & Sea Retreat-          July 26th - 28th, 2024

Crescent City, CA 


        ***RSVP for one or both today!

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Enjoy the beauty and vibrance of Mt. Shasta, one of the most famous energetic sites in the world, at the Women's Zen Mountain Retreat.

The Redwoods, which are filled with Ancient Wisdom, and the Sea, which is immersed in water symbols and knowledge are our playground for the Women's ZenTree & Sea Retreat. 


We will work on individual manifestations, and techniques for purpose advancements, breath work, meditations, mindfulness, balance, and healing. And, have time with Marilyn! 


These are powerful retreats. 

Please join us!

  • 3 Days of inspired enrichment dedicated to expanding the feminine energy within, which will, in turn, expand without. 

  • WZR Mountain Retreat-Tap into the uniquely Shasta energy and vortexes to support your growth while enjoying the amazing city of McCloud. Cost: $400

  • WZR Tree & Sea- communion with the trees. nature and water elements. Cost: $425

  • Enrichment meditations to balance and increase consciousness.

  • Dedicate strong awareness to, and then release of, past structures and behaviors pulled forward from already experienced lessons that create a "Groundhog Day" (a reference to the movie) type of life cycle. Relying on the results of past life lessons interferes with creating new unrestricted results.

  • Learn to allow your body to embrace your feminine energy freely. 

  • Learn proven duplicatable methods for continued growth. 

  • Work closely with Marilyn Lawrence and glean personal, individual growth via the messages sent to her.

  • Plus, more to come!!

These are gearing up to be experiences of a lifetime!

We will gather for approx. 4-5 hours each day  During your “off-time,” you can explore, hike, shop, sleep, swim...and advance further with the daily assignments/homework.

Costs for each retreat do not include food or lodging.

Because of the nature of the Just Breathe Retreats/Women's Zen Retreats and the work that Marilyn does for attendees before each retreat, refunds and credits are not offered. Thank you for understanding!

The 2023 WZR was a Huge Success! Thank you to all who came and shared their beautiful lights!

So much so that the 2024 Women's Zen Mountain Retreat has just 2 spots left!!!

          Added for 2024- Another Women's Retreat!                  The Women's Zen Tree & Sea Retreat.

                Located in Crescent City, CA home to the             Redwoods and Sea.

Please take a look at what else is coming in 2024!

The Just Breathe Desert Retreat is BACK!!!!

Oh, what fun we had! Huge breakthroughs and growth.


The Just Breathe International Retreat- we are "tuning into the energies" to feel when and where to go. More information is coming in about Scotland....hmmm...

Space is limited at our retreats to allow us to give time and individual attention to the attendees. To reserve your sport


Women’s Zen Mountain Retreat  2024

Tentative Itinerary below

Women’s Zen Tree & Sea Retreat  2024

The itinerary is underway- (we will begin Friday, July 26th at 2:00 PM and end Sunday, July 28th at 1:00ish)

Day One- Friday,  June 28th /  July 26th 

2:00 PM Gather in celebration of our feminine self at McCloud Merchantile Hotel event room  241 Main St, McCloud, CA 96057

Light House Inn event room 681 Highway 101 South, Crescent City, CA               

Day Two- Saturday, June 29th / July 27th

10:00 AM  Gather in McCloud Mercantile Hotel event room

Light House Inn event room 681 Highway 101 South, Crescent City, CA 

Sunday, June 30th / July 28th

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Gather in McCloud Mercantile Hotel event room

 Light House Inn Event room 681 Highway 101 South, Crescent City, CA 

***I will post the itinerary once completed.


During your free time, you may remain at this location, shop, hike on Mt. Shasta, or do whatever your Beautiful, Feminine, Goddess Self decides!           

Where to stay for the Women's Zen Mountain Retreat:

Here are a few places I found in my quick search. I do not have personal experience with any of them. Please feel free to do your own snooping and searching! 

McCloud Mercantile Hotel 241 Main St, McCloud, CA 96057 (530) 964-2330 (this is where we will meet daily)

McCloud River Bed and Breakfast 325 Lawndale Ct, McCloud, CA 96057 (530) 964-2130

McCloud Hotel 408 Main St, McCloud, CA 96057•(530) 964-2822

Shasta View Lodge 140 Squaw Valley Rd, McCloud, CA 96057-9700 (530) 918-8240 

McCloud Guesthouse 606 West Colombero Drive, McCloud, CA 96057 (530) 964-3160

McCloud Timber Inn 153 Squaw Valley Rd, McCloud, CA 96057 (530) 964-2893

Stoney Brook Inn 309 West Colombero Drive, McCloud, CA 96057 (530) 964-2300

Women’s Zen Tree & Sea Retreat  2024

The itinerary and information are underway

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